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Teaching and Hypo Management

Teaching and Hypo ManagementLast night I was due to start work at 6pm for two hours of teaching pole class. Usually, if I don’t have class or rehearsal this is the time I will eat my dinner. I don’t like dancing on a full stomach (or with a big bolus on board) so I decided that I would just eat a few soya pieces and some nuts before class and then eat my dinner when I got home. I reached this decision mainly because I didn’t want to run the risk of a hypo during class.

As I am teaching class, the warm up is done, I’ve gone through a few tricks with the class and then as I am teaching my choreography and I feel oddly confused and a bit shaky. I started really rambling and when I picked up on this hypo I had to get to my bag for Lucozade. I just told the people in my class to practice what I had just taught them and they did. Hopefully they didn’t think I was strange, maybe they were too busy concentrating on the steps that I had taught them? Anyway, after my carbs I felt much better and  when the class had finished I checked my levels and it was 5.2mmols.

Even though this hypo was something that I was trying to avoid, I think it was a good thing for this to happen because now I know that I can deal with it during a class that I am teaching. Managing diabetes takes a lot of practice, and although I do follow a fairly strict routine, I also aim to do a bit of trial and error so I can learn more about the way my body reacts to certain food / exercise scenarios. Originally I didn’t even want to eat the soya meat and nuts because any bolus, even reduced, may cause a hypo. But I thought to myself, can I really live my life like that? No, I need and want my food for energy.

Have you had a hypo during a time where it was really inconvenient? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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