Am I Low or Am I Tired?


Am I Low or Am I Tired?Am I low or tired is a question that comes up when I think too much about my bg levels, particularly when I’m heading towards the end of class. Today I was concerned that I was low because I was feeling weak during the second hour of my contemporary technique class. My bg was 7mmols before class and I had 0.20 bolus on board and a reduced basal – 50% so I should’ve been fine. However, when I checked my levels it was 4.4mmols. Not a low, high enough for me to continue working but low enough to make me feel a bit weak. During exercise, does actual fatigue get confused with low levels? For me, the best level to work at is around 6mmols.

Having only been living with diabetes for around 11 months I find it interesting that I can’t remember what it was like not think about my blood glucose level during class or any other activity for that matter. I think it has rubbed off on my family and friends too. For instance, if I stated that I had a headache, I’m hungry or I fancy a nap, whoever is around me will usually say “have you checked you levels”.  Can we be hungry or tired without out it being related to diabetes?

Is it the same for you? Do you feel like you alwyas put it down to your diabetes? Talk to me in the comments below.

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