Diabetes Management

Diabetes management doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Share your diabetes journey with me, Rowena. I created Type 1 Active because I am 100% dedicated to encouraging you to take control of your health.

I understand what it’s like to live with type 1 diabetes so I know how difficult it can be to achieve great diabetes management. Especially when it comes to insulin management, exercise and nutrition.

Exercise and Nutrition

I’m a professional dancer / personal trainer / all round exercise fanatic so I am always finding ways to manage diabetes around my very active lifestyle, whilst figuring out ways in which my one to one, online clients and followers can benefit from my research.

In terms of nutrition, I eat a vegetarian diet and follow an IIFYM (flexible dieting) approach to my diet. Knowing about nutrition is key to diabetes management and I definately have a few pointers when it comes to carb counting and insulin manipulation.

So, whether you are looking for a coach to help you improve your diabetes management with exercise and nutrition programmes, or if you or just looking for a hint of motivation, Type 1 Active is the place to be. Subscribers / followers can benefit from free weekly vlogs / blogs that look at active living with type 1 diabetes and how to manage insulin around exercise and food intake.

Other services include online training, personalised nutrition plans and one to one training sessions if based in the Liverpool area.

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