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Online TrainingOnline training for diabetics is a personalised training approach for your weight loss, fitness and diet goals. Working with Type 1 Active will help you enjoy life whilst living with and managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


If you are looking for guidance on carb counting, macronutrient ratios or general nutrition you are in the right place. You will receive a full meal plan after you fill out a questionnaire based on your goals, the foods you enjoy eating, food allergies, special dietary requirement or any food dislikes. This personal information allows me to design the most effective meal plan for your body.

For the small price of £75 you will receive the following:

  • Email support to ensure you stay on track
  • Your own personalized diet based on your fitness goals
  • Recommended caloric intake for your body weight / goals with adjustments
  • Recommended macronutrients ratios for you goals.

Alternatively, you might just be looking for help with an exercise plan.


The type of exercise you do is very dependent on your goals, as is the amount of exercise you are set per week. I can offer exercises plans that focus on weight loss, muscle building, flexibility training and strength training. There is no “one size fits all” and your exercise plan will be 100% designed to suit you. Exercise plans include

  • Effective cardio that will shed fat such as HIIT
  • Quick and effective workouts for at home or the gym
  • Mobility / flexibility training
  • Muscle building
  • Movement

You get all of this for £75.

IF you purchase both of the above I will include a FREE information guide that covers topics such as:

  • Managing diabetes and manipulating insulin whilst dieting.
  • Recommended sleep and water Intake
  • Understanding nutrition and macro / micronutrients.

This all comes out to be £150 per 4 weeks. If you decide to purchase it, you can email me weekly and I will help you with your journey, answering ANY questions you might have along the way. If you’re only interested in either the meal plan or the workout information packet, you can JUST purchase one or the other.

Buy now to receive the special offer £130 for new clients who book with me before September 2016.

Working with a trainer who is also diabetic made me feel more confident in my journey to weight loss. – Jenna

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Contact Me below if you have any questions or email [email protected] Alternatively you can visit the frequently asked questions page.

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