Blonde Moments and Diabetes Management


Blonde Moments and Diabetes ManagementI feel like such a divvy. Earlier this month (that time of the month when I go low) I found that I was having major hypos so I changed my carb to insulin ratio, in my pump settings, from 1 unit of insulin / 15 carbs to 1unit/17carbs. This little adjustment did wonders for the hypos and I had perfect bgs. However, this past two weeks, with the wrong ratio, I have been running higher than normal and it has left me scratching my head wondering why. I totally forgot I had changed it in the pump settings because I usually just do it manually as and when I do a bolus. I’m going to go back to my 1/15 ratio and see how I get on. Hopefully it will get rid of those woeful headaches and the pesky mood swings.

I have a major busy week this week. I’ve got about 5 more rehearsals, a studio practice assessment, a performance, tech runs, dress runs, a show to watch, prepare lesson plans, a class to teach and to successfully manage my diabetes. I’ve also got an essay to hand in but that is nearly finished so no panicking there. Oh, and I have work on Saturday and Sunday.

Do you have any “blonde” moments that effect your diabetes management? If so, tell me about them? You can comment below or tweet me here or talk to me on instagram.

Rowena x


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