My Diagnosis Story Type 1 Diabetes

My Diagnosis Story

My diagnosis story is similar to that of yours. I had all of the classic symptoms of diabetes such as extreme thirst, serious lack of energy, weight loss, unexplained hunger, thrush and loss of strength. I didn’t look very well either, but because I was training a lot, like 20 hours per week, I put all of the above down to over working myself and not getting enough sleep. When it go to the point of me drinking about 7 litres of water a day I went to the doctor, told her my symptoms and she said I could be diabetic. It was strange hearing that as I had so many preconceived ideas about what diabetes was. My initial thought was how could I be diabetic? Considering I was in full time dance training which made me very fit and active, it just didn’t mix.

You can hear more about my diagnosis story in the video above where you can find out about how I dealt with the news and how I manage it now around my active lifestyle.

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