Protein for Diabetics


Protein for DiabeticsQuite a few people have been asking me about what supplements are best for us t1d’s and although being diabetic doesn’t put us into a separate category of protein, it is good to know that they don’t all serve the same purpose. When choosing your product there is one main thing to consider, your goal. Ask yourself why you want more protein.

Your goal might be to increase strength and performance, lose weight, build muscle or to simply add more protein to your diet because you feel you are lacking it from food. Whatever your aim, it is important to pay attention to the nutritional information in order to make the right choice for you. I always stick to the same brand because I like it, it’s not overpriced, it’s got good macros and it comes in a variety of tasty flavours. My goal is to keep increasing strength and to do this I know I should be eating around 1gram of protein per lb of bodyweight so I choose a product that is low carb, low fat and obviously high in protein. However, some brands are really high in carbs to be targeted at people who don’t have time to eat a proper meal and can be used as a meal replacement or to people who are bulking. Even if I was bulking (trying to add more muscle) I would defiantly prefer to eat the carbs rather than drink them.

The best time to eat a protein packed snack is after your workout will give your body the assistance it needs to refuel and rebuild the muscle that has been broken down during your workout. It also decrease the level of muscle soreness the day after. So, in order to get you started with your new protein regime here are a couple of my go to snacks.

Protein for Diabetics 1Coffee

Shake milk and half scoop of protein and then add to coffee.

I really like the chocolate or vanilla flavour because is resembles either a vanilla latte or a mocha which is like a treat and is very filling. I tend to drink it in the morning before cardio or in the afternoon if I am feeling hungry but don’t fancy making a snack or a meal.

Protein for Diabetics 2Proats

Add  desired amount of oats and protein powder to a bowl, mix it up and then add water or milk before microwaving until hot.

I always use the chocolate flavour whey for proats as it reminds me of chocolate ready brek. This is a great pre workout as it has the added protein which works with the slow release carbs from the oats keep me feeling fully energetic throughout my workout.

Protein for Diabetics 3Shake

You just need to add a scoop to your shaker
and then mix with a little bit of water or milk.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to make a fancy coffee or a bowl of proats you can just have it on its own or with a banana for post workout fuel. Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Vanilla flavour taste great on their own.


I hope this helps. Comment below if you have any questions or you can talk to me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Rowena x


  1. Brilliant idea’s. Particularly the coffee, that’s genius!
    Currently out of action with a broken foot, but when I get back on the road I’ll definitely give them a go. Thanks.


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