Training in London and Rollercoaster BG


Training in London and Rollercoaster BGIf you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I had a trip to London at the weekend. The primary purpose for this trip was to audition for a workshop, but when the dates were released for the workshop I realised that it clashed with a commitment I had already made (watch this space). So, rather than letting the trip go to waste I went online and booked myself some classes at Ecole De Pole. I always find it interesting to train with different people. Every teacher has the different approach to training which is great because it means I find many more ways to progress at a quicker rate. This particular class was challenging in terms of strength training and was pretty fast paced. In total I took my pump off for 1.5 hours. My starting bg was 8.3mmols and my end bg was 4.3mmols.

Other news is that I am still trying to get my head around the psychological effects of the rollercoaster bgs. My internal moods are horrendous and I am really struggling to be ok in my body. Right now my bg is 8.3 and that is enough for me to feel uneasy and anxious. I don’t remember it being this difficult before. I think I am just going through a bad patch, but I am trying to remember that a patch is all it is. I will get it together soon enough. I know it! Rather than trying to be a hero and figure it all out myself I have booked an appointment with my endo who will hopefully be able to help me with the insulin adjustments etc. The only thing, for me, that is majorly different is that I am doing a lot of weight training. I know to increase my basal at the time of lifting, but should I increase it for some time after too? Does it effect you more in the morning? If you have any insight on this please comment below so we can all benefit.

The easy option would be sticking to what I know which is dance, yoga, pole and cardio, but that is no fun is it? I want some muscle! I’m trying to be superwoman don’t you know?

What are your current fitness goals?

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