Celebrating Without Food Or Alcohol


Celebrating Without Food Or AlcoholIn one of my earlier posts I told you that I was setting up my own dance company and that I would be developing networks and making myself known. Well, that work has paid off and I have been hired to do some work for a dance company based in Liverpool. Brilliant, I’m happy! How can I celebrate? If you’d have given me something to celebrate a few years ago, way before I was diabetic, I would’ve gone out for a nice dinner and a good bottle (or two) of wine. However, now that I am a complete lightweight who can barely stomach a glass of wine I don’t really fancy a drink or the hangover that is inevitably attached to it. Well, what about the fancy dinner? Well, the fancy dinner is nice and all but I have nutrition goals too. Not particularly weight loss orientated at the moment but the goals I have set require strict attention (Reverse Dieting). Maybe if the good news would’ve landed on my re feed day I wouldn’t have thought twice about going for dinner. I know this sounds really boring, but I am being honest and I know that it will benefit me in the long run.

You might say, and my friends have said “you’re allowed to celebrate” Well, yes I know but with the amount of goals I have set for myself I plan on having a lot of things to celebrate, and celebrating with a lot of food just doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m not saying I don’t like food because I do, I love food. It’s just a difficult topic for me sometimes because of calculating insulin, calculating calories, working out the carbs and avoiding feeling like shit because of a high blood sugar. It seems like a lot of effort to go to dinner so maybe that is why I am put off it?

Anyway, it’s time to come back to the drawing board to think of ways that I can celebrate. I could buy a new outfit, I could get my hair done, and I could buy a film. Maybe I could buy a new book, treat a friend to coffee, go to the cinema and so on. There are millions of ways to mark an achievement and it seems that I have been stuck in the food and drinking rut. I suppose writing about it helps me see that I have a choice and shouldn’t be so closed minded when it comes to celebrating. How do you like to celebrate?

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