Training and Reverse Dieting


Training and Reverse DietingJust a few updates on where I’m at with my training right now. I’m still doing lots of dancing; mostly contemporary dance, weight training and pole training 4 times per week and in order to focus on quieting my mind and making my body more flexible I usually tie in a 20 minute yoga practice with my pole or dance workout. I try to keep my cardio to the minimum in the gym and just focus on resistance training, mainly because I know the cardiovascular aspect of my training will come through my dance session.

With regards to nutrition, if you have been following my blog you will know that I am currently in a reverse diet phase. This means that I am increasing calories weekly in order to speed up my metabolic capacity and to build more muscle. For a long time I was training so hard, but not building the strength that I wanted, this was because I was eating far too little. However, since increasing from 1400 to my current caloric intake which is 1900 I feel so much stronger, I can lift more, I can run faster and my psychological wellbeing is much better. My diet is totally flexible so I am eating whatever I want providing it fits my macronutrient goals. I track everything using MyFitnessPal.

Training and Reverse DietingIt’s interesting because since I have really paying attention to my nutritional intake I haven’t felt the need to have binge eating sessions which has worked wonders for my blood sugar control, not that the binge eating was a regular occurrence, but I did notice that it made me struggle with my diabetes management if I ate more on one day in comparison to the next. You can read more about binge eating and diabetes here.

Other new is that I put a few videos up on my YouTube channel for you, check it out and subscribe here. If you have any questions for me I would be happy to respond to you. Maybe I could do a Q & A video? The second piece of good news is that I got another job lecturing at university and I have applied for my MA in performance & choreography for sept 2016. How cool is that? Aside from my training, teaching and writing I am working on some new choreography for upcoming performances in February and March.

Currently having an ok time with diabetes, although those night times basal settings are still puzzling me. Hmm.

Rowena x

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