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At Home HIIT WorkoutI’ve been majorly busy this week with rehearsals for a new project, and although I have attended the gym, I have also had to resort to a quick workout at home instead of a HIIT training at the gym. HIIT is great and I find it so useful either when I am travelling or just when I want to test my stamina. HIIT training is great for fat burning and it is an excellent way to boost your fitness levels in minimal time. During the short workout you have work your absolute hardest so you can get the most of it. I mean, if you’re doing it right you’ll be sweating within a few minutes of this workout. Knowing that the intervals are only short, it makes it much easier to maximise effort and therefore burn more calories. It’s a psychological thing.

Here are the 6 exercises.

Burpees with Push Up (or without depending on your fitness level)

Jogging with high knees on the spot

Full sit ups (with or without weight)

Squat or Sqaut Jump

Triceps Dips (either on floor or with chair)

Star jumps

Start on whichever exercise suits you, just make sure you do the full round.

AThere are 3 rounds

1st is 60 seconds on each exercise

2nd is 50 seconds on each exercise

3rd is 40 seconds on each exercise.

Take a rest of no more than 20 seconds between each exercise. Once you have finished, take a 5 minute cool down consisting of a few basic stretches.

This workout not only challenges your cardiovascualr fitness, but also your strength. How did you find that workout? Mine was good for my blood sugar too. Starting bg was 7mmol and finished was 5.3mmols (I had insulin on board, but usually I would keep basal the same depending on time).

Rowena x

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