The Gains Are Coming


The Gains Are ComingFinally, I can flex my arms and see some definition in my muscles. I know this might sounds like its coming from a place of vanity, but it’s not. I have always admired really toned arms on women (think Madonna) and I wanted some for myself.  After years of trying and getting nowhere near where I wanted to be, mostly due to inconsistent and weird dieting habits, I finally understand my body enough to see some progress. I don’t want to put it all down to eating all of the right things, but I would say that is where 80% of the progress has come from. The other 20% is down to specific upper body training including weight lifting and pole dancing.

Some of my up body training includes pull ups, dumbbell curls, shoulder press, pushups, lat pull down, bent over row, tricep dips and a few more. Plus, the pole training. Pole training really challenges upper body strength. Before I did my first class I couldn’t even do a chin up so I highly recommend it if you want to gain some upper body strength. It has its other benefits too.

My next physical goals is to work on getting those six pack abs. Every time I have tried this before I have just ended up looking skinny with protruding hip bones and ribs. However, because I have been building muscles and reverse dieting I am hopeful that once I cut some fat I will have some decent abs to reveal. I mean, they do say that abs are made in the kitchen. It’s a work in progress and we will soon see.

The Gains Are ComingThis week I have been nursing a bit of a shoulder injury which means I have been attempting to take it easy, but taking lots of pain killers instead. I’m totally guilty of never resting and I am working on getting better at taking days off. I find that any type of injury, even if it is small, aggravates my blood sugar. Saying that, my blood sugar, aside from the recent night time lows, has been really good this week. My seven day average was 6.7mmols which is within the non-diabetic range. I’ll take it!

How have your blood sugars been this week? Are you working out regularly?

Rowena x

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