Diabetes Before Social Media


Diabetes Before Social MediaThe other day I was thinking about what living with diabetes would be like if I didn’t write this blog or have my instagram and other social media pages. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2014 so I was lucky enough to have instant access to social media to find out more about diabetes from people who are living with it. That was how I was inspired to create my own page which I use as an outlet and as a place to share my journey. I never share anything about diabetes on my personal social media pages you see, mainly because I use them to promote myself as a performer, but mostly because I don’t want to people to associate illness with me. Far too many people have uneducated opinions of diabetes and I don’t think I am ready to fight off those comments – yet! However, the majority of people who follow this blog are diabetic so they (you) understand. How did you connect with other diabetics before the internet? Was there a group you could attend? What happened?

On another topic, my training this week has consisted of 2 hours of weight lifting for legs and back, 5 hours of pole dancing, 3 hours of yoga and 1 hour of kettlebell training. I also do unintentional cardio (walking) in work which adds another 3 hours. I might keep my training similar for the next couple of weeks, aside from rehearsals, as I feel that my body is responding well to it. By reducing weight training by 1 session I can lift myself easier and I seem to be healing quicker from the muscle soreness. No complaints with diabetes this week apart from a few lows. My 7 day average has been 6.5mmols so I am really pleased with that, my mind definitely feels a little bit clearer for it. I suppose the increased basal rate at certain parts of the day has really helped. Especially the morning one. I feel that waking up with a good blood sugar really sets me up for a better day, I don’t have that foggy hungover feeling to brush off.

Diabetes Before Social MediaFor the past 4 weeks I have been maintaining my calories and my weight so insulin has been pretty similar each day. I am so happy that I have finally found my personal maintenance level where I finally feel satisfied and healthy. It has taken such a long time, and although I am not completely content with my current body fat levels, I am pleased with how my attitude has adapted for the sake of my health. Whenever I have thought about dropping my calories again, because that’s bound to happen, I think of how far I have come with my strength. I know that if I drop my calories significantly I will lose some of those strength gains which is definitely not in line with my goals. It’s funny because a few blog posts ago I was eating much less and considering dropping the calories then. I’m so glad that I didn’t and that I carried on.

Hope you have had a nice week. Let me know what you have been up to? Have your blood sugars been good?

Rowena x

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