Pole Dance and Blood Glucose


Pole PictureYesterday was an interesting day for my blood sugars. I woke up at 7.3 so I took a 0.35 bolus in the hopes that it might decrease that number during my workout and before breakfast. I then went on to do fasted (before food) 30 minute circuit training session and when I tested again I was 8.4. So, 8.4 was my starting point and for the next 3 tests I was higher each time. 3 correction doses had failed so I was forced to check my site and change it. It was full of blood so I doubt I was getting the right amount of insulin through it. I guess I must’ve hit it during my workout.

Anyway, since I was a bit higher than I would like for most of the morning, when I finally did get back to the 5mmols mark I felt as though I was having a hypo. Does that happen to you? When I have been running a bit higher I feel hypo symptoms really easily. I suppose it’s not the worst thing that could happen but I really hate the shaky feeling.

Later on, when I was finally back down to a healthy 5.7mmols and I was ready to go to pole class. I took my pump off knowing that the class usually lasts for an hour and that is normally fine. However, the class went on for an extra half an hour and when I got home I tested before dinner and I was 8.9. From experience I know that pole training raises my levels so I should keep my pump off for no longer than an hour. I have considered having a small bolus before class, but the class varies from week to week and I don’t want to go low as it all depends on how the class is paced. Am I doing tricks? Is it more cardio based with dance routines? These are questions I don’t know the answers to until I am actually in the class and taking part. Yesterday’s class was a crash mat day which means I was learning new and challenging moves. The adrenaline kicks in because it’s scary and it then raises my blood glucose. I had no insulin on board and no basal to tackle this.

I think, for now, the safest and best thing I can do is to make sure I am at a healthy level before the class starts so if I do go higher it won’t be that hard to get it back down. I trained hard last night and as a result of this I am feeling moderately sore and bruised today. Same thing tonight, yeah?

Have you tried pole dance before? It’s a really great exercise for strength training and it is loads of fun.

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