It’s Not Always About Diabetes


It's Not Always About DiabetesAfter a really physical day I am feeling good. I have just sat down with a cup of camomile tea after a lovely hot bath that has soothed my muscles. My macronutrients have been met and, hunger wise, I am feeling satisfied. Also, because of my new kitchen scales, I was able to measure my porridge oats properly and could therefore give myself the correct bolus for it. (This is a big deal to me as it’s my favourite, especially when it’s mixed with chocolate whey protein). Anyway, after day of dancing, walking, basal changes, modified boluses and pump on and offs my blood sugars have been fairly good. My most recent one, before dinner, was 5.7mmol.

Start of the day is as follows; shower, breakfast and preparation of food. I always prepare my food if I have a busy day of classes because it helps me with my bolus / macro calculations. I then go on to do a quick 30 minute power walk to the farmers market where I picked up some 100% pure organic peanut butter. Amazing source of fat! Next, I had a 60 minute contemporary dance class where I took my pump off and ended up a little higher than expected. Grr! Must continue day so I reattach pump, quick food and correction bolus, lunch and on way to the next class which was yoga. As it is only suggested to keep pump off for an hour a day, I abide by these guidelines and keep my pump on for yoga. Now, normally I think I would be a bit paranoid about people looking at my pump but in yoga I am not bothered. I am good at yoga so I think it’s best to assume something nicer. Let’s assume that people are looking at me because they can see how patient I am to be able to build up to the level of strength and flexibility I show. Actually, this is a very good way of looking at it because a lady who was looking at me during class came up to me when it had finished and she asked me if I was a dancer and she told me that she was impressed by me. Well, that made my day. It goes to show that it’s not always about diabetes, is it? Sometimes I look at people and hopefully they think positively about it too. I wonder what makes them really happy, like what is this person insanely passionate about? Maybe I should ask them? Would you answer if I asked you?

Off track again, are you noticing a trend here? Sometimes my mind jumps off to other places, but if you keep reading my blogs, I promise you will get used to it and maybe learn to like it.

To sum up my exercise and stuff, I have done 60 minute yoga, 60 minute intense dance class and about 3 hours walking. All that with no hypos! I timed every one of my meals so that I would use less insulin in order to avoid hypos. I can’t cope with them during busy exercise days. MY TDD today is currently 7.43units of Humalog and is set on 0.1 basal overnight.

The plan tomorrow is to wake up early, do a fasted workout and then eat a nice breakfast and clean the house ready for some family to visit. What are your exercise plans? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me on twitter or Instagram


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