One Year of Living with Type 1 Diabetes


One Year of Living with Type 1 DiabetesI was just searching in google for stories of other people who live with type 1 diabetes. I clicked exit almost straight away because it was all so negative. I realise that negative things do happen in the world, but I would prefer to look at the good. Especially when it comes to something I live with. My journey with this disease is going to be different to yours because we lead different lives. People assume that all diabetics take a certain amount of insulin and that some are “naughty” and still eat chocolate and some are good and only eat fruit. Which, for your information, depending on the size of a piece of fruit / chocolate they have a similar amount of carbs and could potentially do the same amount of damage if eaten without a bolus.

For me, the biggest challenge was teaching myself about calculating my food intake and exercise intensity around hypos. I still have the odd hypo during or after exercise but I have pretty much got the hang of it. Sometimes it’s all good and it can be very satisfying to have a good streak of normal blood sugar, so satisfying that it makes me feel as though I am not diabetic anymore. However, things happen – a bolus miscalculation, stress, a dodgy site or a gap in the line to remind me that I am still fully diabetic.

Living with Diabetes has shown me how strong I am as a person. I am proud of my organisation skills, my focus and my willingness to accept something that doesn’t necessarily serve me. To manage diabetes around intense dance training is the only way I know how to do it and I am still working on making it a smoother ride. If this year has taught me anything it is to be grateful for my health and to treat my body with care by giving it proper nutrition and exercise. I’m grateful that I am powering through the emotional rollercoaster that this disease has given me. I say emotional because if my BG goes slightly out of range I feel it in my mood almost automatically. As I’ve said before in my High BG post, my head feels like it might explode and I get ratty.

How was your first year?

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