It’s a Bolus Thing


It's a Bolus ThingSometimes I find myself saying to people “it’s a bolus thing”. This is usually when I have to say no to something because I’ve already had a bolus, or if I need to find out specific information in order to manipulate my bolus. An example of this is if I go out for a lunch date with a friend I usually want to know what is going on after the food and at what time roughly, mainly because if we are sitting around drinking coffee for an hour after the meal I won’t have to reduce my bolus, but if we are going for a walk or shopping straight after I will have to reduce my insulin so that the walk doesn’t make me low. Yes, I could just do the full bolus and eat something more if I go low but I don’t like eating extra because I have to. It is a waste of extra calories and the food isn’t as nice when you have to eat it.

Another time I say “it’s a bolus thing” is when I make my food, weigh it and account for all of the carbs is accounted for and I have calculated and took the correct bolus for it. However, a few mins later I could be eating and then someone asks to try my food. Grr, I was never much of a sharer of food anyway, but when I have a bolus in the equation I am actually forced to say no; especially if it is something carby like potatoes or pasta. The spoonful they take could make the difference of about ten carbs which then means there is a miscalculation on my part of the bolus that was already taken.

Does this make me sound crazy or do you do it too? I think diabetes has made me slightly more obsessive than I used to be, but I am ok with that. I would rather be obsessive and in control that relaxed and completely lost and out of control. Mainly because of avoiding hypos, being low when I am out and about is strange. It makes me feel shaky and weird, like I’m not really here.

Rowena x

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