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Night Time Lows That Turn Into Highs

Night Time Lows That Turn Into Highs

Night Time Lows That Turn Into HighsThis morning I woke up with BG of 10.8mmols. This is unusual for me as I normally wake up somewhere between 6 – 7.5mmols. The only thing I can put it down to is that I must have gone low whilst I was sleeping. My BG before bed was slightly out of range, around 8 but I had a bit of insulin on board that would bring that down. I was supposed to wake up and check but obviously that didn’t work out. This has happened to me before and it makes me feel really tired. I am very much a morning person and I frequently wake before my alarm goes off, but it wasn’t that easy today. I really struggled to get up and knew straight away that this was down to the high blood sugar I would soon verify with my meter.

Does this ever happen to you? What do you do about it? How much advice do you get from your doctor? My endocrinologist is pretty good as he tells me to email him if I have any problems and he usually gets back to me fairly quickly which is great. Last time I told him about waking up with high bg because of a potential low he said that “your body releases adrenaline when your blood sugar drops too low in order to save you, this is why you wake up high.” Good to know, thanks body.

Anyway, my plans for the day are good… Breakfast,  HIIT / yoga, shower, get ready for the hairdressers (I’m going a little bit darker) and then finally I will go to uni to complete my final day; the teachers are putting a little tea party together for us.

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