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Diabetes is Irrelevant

Diabetes is Irrelevant

Diabetes is IrrelevantSometimes on Instagram, people comment on my posts and they tell me how much I motivate them, or how much they look up to me. It is really special for me to see those words. It is important that you never let anything come between you and your goals, especially something that you CAN control with added time and patience. Although diabetes is a disease that could potentially be very detrimental to our health, it is something that is very small and insignificant. That’s how I see it anyway. It is something that is part of my life, but it is irrelevant in the decisions I make when I want to improve myself. Whatever happens, I will learn and adapt along the way.

Take this for example; I was talking to a young girl about her upcoming vacation and she was sad that her mum couldn’t travel with her. I asked her why and we had the following conversation.

Girl: My mum can’t travel because she is diabetic and carries needles.

Me: she can take the needles with her on the plane; she would just have to tell security.

Girl: No, she can’t and anyway, she has the type that can kill you.

Me: What type is that?

Girl: Type 2 diabetes and she is really sick.

Me: Although both types are equally dangerous if untreated, it can be managed well.

Girl: No, type 2 is the only one that can kill you and how would you know anyway?

Me: Because I’m type 1.

This conversation indicates how someone can let diabetes dictate the direction of their lives. The type 2 lady could’ve searched for more information to realise that travel is possible when living with diabetes. When I was diagnosed, I told myself that this type 1 would not stop me from doing anything that I wanted. In a year and 2 months of living with diabetes I have moved house, travelled to Stockholm and Las Vegas twice, I have completed a degree in dance and now I am setting up my own business. It is all a matter of trial and error.

If you take anything from reading this blog, just understand that anything is possible.

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Rowena x


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