My Latest Performance


I thought I would share my latest performance with you. This was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. My blood sugar was actually quite high before, during and after this. I haven’t quite mastered how to adjust my insulin to suit adrenaline yet. I’m sure it will come with time though. I’ve said in my earlier posts that I try to keep things low carbs on performance days, but since then I have been experimenting more with carbs and I actually feel like I have more energy for the performance if I have a well-balanced meal beforehand, even if it is only breakfast.

Anyway, I hope you like it. This piece is called “Lost In…” and at the time when I was creating it I really did feel a bit lost and unsure about a lot of things in my life. I think that’s the after effect of leaving uni and graduating. Onwards and upwards.

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Rowena x


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