Dresses and Insulin Pumps


Dresses and Insulin Pumps I’m back in the UK now; I posted a few times on Instagram during my recent holiday. This trip consisted of me performing in Las Vegas which is something I have always wanted to do. Also, I watched three phenomenal shows; Britney Spears, Love by Cirque Du Soleil and Celine Dion. Obviously I wanted to dress up and to look nice so naturally I wanted to go shopping for some new dresses, but I didn’t need new dresses because I had plenty in the wardrobe that had not been worn yet. I have to admit that there was one dress in particular that I have had for about a year but had never worn because there was nowhere to put the insulin pump. However, all of that changed when I found out about the Girly Go Garter which easily held my pump to my leg and kept it neatly out of the way. What a miracle? Well, at least that is what it felt like.

Dresses and Insulin PumpsI took my pump off during my performance and my blood sugar sky rocketed with adrenaline. I was very nervous. Otherwise, my pump was on me all the time; even at the pool. When wearing day time clothes like shorts and a top I would just clip pump to my bottoms, then at night it would be in my Girly Go Garter.

043What do you do about your pump when you wear tight dresses? Do you just display it anyway? I don’t mind showing mine at all, but I think I just try to conceal it for my own mental benefit because I want to feel normal and not attached to anything. Or have somethin I’m definitely not worried about other people think about it.

Rowena x

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