Sticking to Your Diet with Type 1 Diabetes


Sticking to Your Diet with Type 1 DiabetesThere is an array of information out there on topics linked to controlling diabetes, losing weight and eating clean. Sometimes there is so much information that it is a bit overwhelming, so I decided to gather some relevant points to get you started. Hopefully knowing that this information has been trialled and tested by another T1D, it might make more sense to you.

Plan ahead with food

Ahh, food. I love food, so I am the first to admit that it is sometimes hard to stay on track. I have found though, that if I plan what I am going to eat I will stick to it. Like, usually before I go to sleep I will plan the meals that I am going to eat the next day. I usually go shopping and buy things in bulk so I have an idea of what is available in the house for me to eat. Also, the other day, I was speaking to a fellow t T1D on Instagram who says she struggles with hypos when dieting and exercising. As a remedy to this I suggested that she should plan to eat around the exercise with pre and post workout food. That way, the calories are already accounted for and won’t break the calorie bank.

Carb Count Everything

Along with the body fat reduction, we want to look after our HBA1C which is why our carb counting is so important. Everything is accounted for included vegetables and especially fruit. I know that when I was diagnosed some people advised me to just count the main bulk of the carbs such as potatoes, rice or pasta, but that is asking for trouble. Even your green veggies; broccoli, kale, peas etc contain carbs, very little carbs but they should be accounted for in order for our insulin to match up and to keep that blood sugar at a feel good level.

Both of the above lead me on to my next point. My Fitness Pal, use it! It’s free and you wouldn’t believe how much you can learn about the food you eat. You’ll be so surprised.

My Fitness Pal

This app is actually my life saver. It helps me when I am out and about, when I have to calculate carbs, it also has a scan bar where you can scan the label of the packet you will eat from. How cool is that? My Fitness Pal is also handy for people who really want to manipulate their macros. I do this when I carb cycle or if I need to lower / higher my protein depending on my goals. Download it and have a little play around with it. It’s interesting because it really gives you an indication of how many calories you eat per day, week or year and it will tell you what meals you eat the most calories at and how much you eat for snacks.

Gradually Reduce Calories and Increase Your Exercise Slowly

Sometimes people go for gold at the very beginning of their fitness journey and that is great, but it is actually better for your body and easier to sustain this new lifestyle if you introduce it at a slower pace. What I mean is, if you don’t exercise or eat healthy food at the moment I wouldn’t suggest automatically jumping in the gym 5 times a week and aggressively dropping your calories. You will see results, but you will burn out fast! I would suggest doing one or the other first and introducing something new on a weekly basis. For example, go to the gym 3 times per week and consciously make the effort to eat a bit better for 2 meals in the same week. Then add another day at the gym the next week and one more healthy meals choice.

Let me know if you have any questions. There are a million ways you can go about a healthy eating plan or a new exercise regime. You have to learn more about your body and what works best for you. The points I spoke about above have and do work well for me and for people who I have helped lose weight in the past.

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