South America and CGM


South America and CGM 4Last week I attached a CGM before my holiday to South America. I asked my lovely followers on Instagram where is the best place on the body to put the CGM, the majority said the stomach, so I went with that. I wanted an area that wouldn’t get in the way of me putting my rucksack on and off. Previously, I have worn the CGM on the back of my upper arm. Little did I know, that later on in the holiday, the CGM would be my saving grace as my rucksack, containing my BG meter, was stolen. More on that later.

South America and CGM Before embarking on this journey, I was rehearsing a pole piece that would be performed at Yorkshire Pole Championships. The additional training flared up my shoulder injury so I decided to give my upper body a rest from exercise while I was away. I would focus more on walking and lower body stretching. We walked anywhere from 10000-20000 steps per day which was enough movement to cover some of the tasty foods and wine I consumed whilst I was there. I added some stretching in at practical times, such as waiting in the airport for flights, or before going out to dinner. Oh, I also did some swimming too. Although I have a lifeguard qualification, I’ve always found swimming extremely challenging and this experience was no exception.

South America and CGM During this trip I intended to visit Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio De Janeiro, Ambalse El Yeso – Santiago, Chile and Machu Pechu, Peru. I saw the first two, but after my bag was stolen in central Santiago I was unable to continue my journey onto Peru. Everything was in the rucksack, including my passport and purse, so I had to obtain an emergency passport that would only allow me direct entry into the UK. The first direct flight into the UK from Santiago was full so we had to stay a further two nights until the next BA flight. I’m pretty upset that I didn’t make it to my final world wonder (Macchu Pechu), but I know I will go again someday and maybe have more time to spend there.

South America and CGM With regards to my rucksack being taken, luckily, I didn’t have all of my diabetes supplies in it. I left that with my suitcase back at the hotel with the hotel staff. We had checked out ealrier that morning, but didn’t want to lug the suitcases around with us for final bit of sight seeing. As I said earlier I was wearing the CGM, which alerted me that I was low when I was in the back of the police car on the way to the police station to file the report on the stolen bag. Obviously I had nothing to treat this hypo as it was in my bag, the language barrier didn’t allow for me to tell the police men to stop for me to get some sugar either. I had to wait until I got to the police station where my partner bought me a can of Coca Cola from the vending machine.

South America and CGM Now that I am back, I am looking forward to buckling down to work again. Helping my clients with their training / mindset via my online training tool, finishing my MA dance practices course and teaching dance and fitness. I’m also a woman of habit, so I am also keen to get back to my normal diet. Although I love eating freely when I am on holiday, guessing carbs and eating a lot of them, my body is used to a certain way of eating – 80% healthy, and my energy levels certainly feel it if I don’t eat this way, regardless if my blood sugars are good or not.

How do you like to eat when you travel? Do you work out whilst you are away? Let me know on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Rowena x


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