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My Diabetic Honeymoon

My Diabetic Honeymoon

My Diabetic HoneymoonI think it’s time for me to accept that my diabetic honeymoon period is coming to an end.

Having been put on an insulin pump 2 weeks after diagnosis I felt that I was managing my diabetes really well until last week where I was experiencing a few more hypos than usual. The lowest was 2.6 and I felt vile. So, in order to prevent these lows it was suggested that I remove my pump as I was only taking 2 units per day (basal/bolus combined) anyway.

Four days without having to carry the pump was great. I had no readings above 9 and no ketones above 0.3. However, on the last day without it I ate some more carbs than usual and this sent my meter into double figures and rising. In response to this I immediately chose a site, put a cannula in and administered a correction dose. It didn’t do the trick at first so I had to do the same again in the morning.

The headaches and dry mouth are enough to tell me that I am high I don’t even need to check. I have been feeling like this the past few days as the basal rate (0.1) and insulin/carbs (1/15) ratio doesn’t seem to fit well with me anymore as I am seeing unusual highs. I think they may both need increasing? I have emailed my diabetes nurse so we’ll see what she says.

Anyway, honeymoon period or no honeymoon period I have been keeping up with my training. Lots of dance, yoga, running, circuit training, painting, walking, pole dancing and generally moving about. I plan to write a different blog post for all of the above and show a few pics of my skills.

I would love to hear about your honeymoon period. How long did it last? Did you still need to take your insulin? Were you sad when it ended? You can talk to me in the comments below or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I understand about the unpredictability of numbers in the honeymoon phase! We are also in it with my 4 year old grandson. Now just imagine all the craziness of the numbers being compounded by the symptoms you have being a 2 1/2- 4 year old. They cannot communicate what they are feeling. You have to guess by testing. He has worn a pump since he was diagnosed at 2 1/2 and still in the honeymoon phase at 4. I really don’t anticipate a predictability with numbers once honeymoon is over, I don’t believe that is possible with anyone. I believe the only change will be not such drastic changes in the highs and lows. The variables in numbers yet to come will be attributed to new teeth coming in, puberty, sickness, changes in activities and growth spurts and many more. We have quite a road ahead of us but we will be right by his side 100 percent of the way. He’s our little trooper! Let’s hope for a cure:)


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