2 Years of Living with Type 1 Diabetes

2 years of diabetes


It’s been 2 years of living with Type 1 Diabetes and in comparison to how I felt after the first year, I can honestly say that some things have changed. As a result of exercising daily, sometimes several times per day, I feel like I’ve cracked the exercise vs insulin code and I can deal with the physical aspects of a hyper or hypo because my body is used to working through tiredness and exhaustion.

However, I am yet to master my mind and how it responds to a high or a low because I find myself feeling depressed or anxious for no apparent reason. At the time I find it really hard to link it to my blood sugar. This is something I didn’t notice so much in the first year, but I can definitely notice it now. It’s strange because it makes me question myself emotionally. Like I ask myself “am I upset because I’m high or am I upset because I am upset?” Things like that.

On a more positive note though, even though I am fighting for health every single day, I feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life. So I suppose I have to say that I’m grateful that diabetes has made me pay so much attention to my body and my mind which I will continue to work on every single day. For me, my priority in life is to feel good because I know that anything that I am working for is not worth having unless I have my health.

Monday was my birthday and I had a great time celebrating with those infinity macros. On my birthday eve I had a few glasses of champagne and a bit of Grey Gooses and then on my actual birthday I went for a nice Italian meal with some family and I went to the cinema to watch a funny film called “How to Be Single”. I ate loads of treats including ice cream, chocolates and nuts which I had to take a load of insulin for. I did go a bit higher than I had expected but because I was checking regularly I managed to get it back down quickly.

Today I am back to training and working. I think the day off always does me a bit of good because I always feel more productive after a full day off of work and training.

What did you find easiest or most difficult to adjust to over the years in comparison to the first year? How do you manage moods if you have any that are related to blood sugar?

Rowena x

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  1. Our kiddo is 11 and just this week had the 6 year diaversary. It goes so quickly once you get through the shock and adjustment period. We have noticed the mood swings associated to sugar levels over the years. The sadness/depression/frustration of being diabetic seems to have lessened over the years but is still present from time to time. Exercise has definitely been a godsend for his health, mental health and inclusion. It was important for us to reinforce that he could do anything, we’d just have to figure out how to manage it…together

  2. Hiya, I’ve just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and just about coming to terms with it. I’m trying to loose weight, but find all I do doesn’t shift it. I’m not overweight but still would like to loose a stone. I’ve tried to cut out carbs but doesn’t seem to work. Have you got at tips?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sam. How long ago were you diagnosed? I’d need to know more information to be able to offer some handy tips. I wouldn’t suggest cutting carbs if you enjoy them though. Do you exercise? How much do you eat per day etc?


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