New Pump and Repeating “Diabetics Can Eat Chocolate”


New Pump and Repeating “Diabetics Can Eat Chocolate”I got a new pump from Animas because my previous one had a crack near the battery compartment. Since posting the photo of it on my Instagram page, a few people said the same thing happened to them so I’m guessing that this must be a recurring fault that Animas is working on. If this has happened to you, call Animas and see if they can replace it because it can affect the way your pump functions. The lady on the phone was very helpful and I had my new pump the next day. I even chose a new color; pink.

Along with a new pump comes the setup where I copied all settings from my other pump, but somehow I managed to leave one of the basal times unlisted which meant I was receiving no basal for a few hours. I fixed it as soon as I noticed, but my BG did go a little higher.

Another thing I failed to do was to active the Insulin on Board (IOB) feature. I noticed it when I wanted to take a bolus using the ezcarb function. I was scratching my head at first, but I eventually found it in Advanced Settings – Set up 8 – Insulin on Board – On. Seems pretty obvious now I come to think of it. I wondered why this isn’t already activated as a preset, but then I suppose the people who are new to the pump, who have been on injections for a while, may have a specific way of working it out for themselves and don’t actually want it on.

Changing the topic, Easter had just passed and although I had a nice time I’m glad it is over with because of the connections that people make with chocolate and diabetes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard the question “are you sure you can eat that?” this Easter. In one week, on 4 different occasions, I was asked if I could eat something with me being diabetic. Grr. Two of these people know quite well I can eat that, but it’s as though they just can’t hear me when I confirm that I can eat whatever I want providing I take insulin for it.

I mean, I really don’t expect people to know the ins and outs of this disease, because before I was diabetic I didn’t know either, but what would be nice is if they just listened to me the first time and left it at that. Besides, on one of these occasions I was eating a small Easter egg worth only 50 carbs. That’s less carbs than I have in my dinner or my post workout meals.

Hope everyone has had a nice Easter, and if you had time off from work or school I hope you enjoyed some rest and relaxation.

Rowena x

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